I come up with story ideas daily, and I love the story ideation process for any project I work on.

Road Kill


In Los Angeles, the greatest artists are superheroes who fight evil in the Guild of Visual Arts (GOVA) and other schools, such as League of Thespians, the Association of the Creative Arts, etc. Roadkill, a street cat, wants nothing more than to be part of this celestial human society.

For more a more detailed summary of Roadkill's background, visit this link here!

Black Dragon


Black Dragon is a story idea based on the Chinese fable, "Paint the Dragon Eyes" - by Zhang Sengyou. Below are the different ideations it went through in an attempt to explore and establish the world.


Stupor is a comic series I made for fun that explores the Black Dragon idea.

You can read the comic here!

Black Dragon - Detailed Ideation

This is a more detailed version of the ideation for Black Dragon. Click the link to view the original concept for this series.

Art Vandal

This section is a showcase of very early Black Dragon concepts, for both premise and main characters.


(Experimental Book)

Lucifer, a graphic art book released on Amazon, was created using ink, fire, and transparent paper.

Vanna Banana

(Children's Book)

I illustrated this children’s book, working with Grace Kolbe in 2016.

A Turtle's Tale

(Children's Book)

I again worked with Grace Kolbe in 2017-2018. This time, I took glitter paint and etchings done by preschoolers to create a book about the magical, myth-like journey of a Turtle. This project was funded by PNC bank and thousands of copies were distributed for free in Florida and used to teach art in early education.



A fantasy world I developed during Summer 2017.

King of the Merchants is a fairy tale within the land of Jiankou about the king who resides in the second perimeter.

Eye of the Storm

(Animation Script)

Combining two childhood memories, The Eye of the Storm is about two girls who try to find their cat during Hurricane Katrina.

In August


A slice of my life, documented in August 2018


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