Game Design

Here is my game design resume.


I love all kinds of roleplay, live action games, silly games, and thrillers. My favorite games are Okami, Runescape, Overwatch, Witcher 3, Skyrim Hearthfire DLC, Live-Action Hungry Hungry Hippos and Live-Action Slenderman.

Below are game projects I have worked on and/or currently working on.

Hacker is a player elimination game on a college campus with a shrinking map mechanic. In order to win the game, players must first decipher each others secret-identities using location-based clues, then get close enough to attack each other, gaining points for their team. It is first being built for iOS, using Mapbox on USC campus. Here is a demo video I created for its pitch.

Hacker's Story

I wish to play a live action player elimination game with my friends on the college campus. Since the beginning, I wanted to create something that all of my friends could play, regardless of their physical abilities, and I wanted the game to be easily accessible to them. Therefore, I set out to create this free-to-play mobile game for college friend groups, where players use deception, social deduction, and intellect to win. Hacker is inspired by the card games Mafia and Werewolf, so although our game is competitive, collaboration is at its core. Studying many games from FPS and RTS to child play, we think we are coming up with something that is perfect for our player base. Conceptualized in September 2017, we are now Team Hackerbird, a USC Games Advanced Game Project 2018-2019 team with many passionate developers. Here is a sample of my early playtest reports.


The Development of Hacker's Gameplay

Hacker Midterm Presentation

This is our midterm presentation from 10/18/2018, detailing our thought process in our game mode development so far. One of the issues we addressed is that our game was unequally fun for different roles. Our original V1 game was more fun for Hackers while in V2, Agents had more fun. Our midterm presentation also explains our current focus on communication of the gameplay. The next step is to make some decisions to clarify the objective of our game and to emphasize moments of the game we want to highlight.

Feature Document Examples.

Glitches/Map Breaches

This is an example documentation of proposed feature changes with details about our thought process.

One Hand Clapping

I worked on One Hand Clapping, a singing platformer game, as a concept artist. I created more than 40 different rough concepts for environments and characters. Here is a link to the game.

Way of the Wolf

I was an animator for both characters at 0:35 - 0:39, wolf bite and robot dysfunction animation.


I designed and drew concept art for the three main corridors of the game. The design documentation can be found by clicking on each picture. Here is a link to the game!


Daisies is a drawing and gifting-giving game I created meant for others to get through tough times. An attempt to mitigate depression for players, and an experiment to design a game towards peace. Here are my playtest reports and an essay detailing my goals and thought process for making this game.

Call of the Moon

I was a producer, game designer, the and sole artist for Call of the Moon. It is a role-playing game immersed in Lovecraftian horror.

Poor Me

All of our playtesters erupted in fits of laughter while playing this game! Here are the instructions.


If you are looking for someone who is motivated, that’s me! I hope that my portfolio website will show you my intense passion for games, art, and animation.