Welcome to my portfolio site. Here is my most recent resume

and my most recent 2016 reel.

What I Do

I am a concept artist, animator, and game designer. This past semester, I have been learning about audio-visual choreography and blocking for animation, game production, theatre, and narrative for animation. Right now, I am developing a social game project in Augmented Reality and creating design documents for a game in Virtual Reality. I have also illustrated childrens' books in distribution locally.


Who I Am

I am studying at the University of Southern California with a BA in Animation. Curious about everything and known for a hard work ethic, I enjoy developing high concept and new content regardless of its form - whether it is for VR, animation, or interactive games. I hope to work in the entertainment industry for pre-production work.


My Work

Here is a sample of some of my recent concept artwork. Contact me if you are interested. Here is a short audio-visual animation. The password is: dog.

Here is a game animation.






I am looking for internships and work for summer 2018. I am a paid artist. If you are interested in hiring or collaborating, please use the form below to contact me. Currently, I would like to improve my character concepts and game design portfolio, but I am also looking to develop other aspects of my work.